A Guide To Painting Your Room

From the day you’ve moved into your home, the colours of the rooms have been constant, you have got fed of seeing the same thing, and feel like it’s time to give the rooms some more colour and revamp them. Though most may think otherwise, painting a room does not require a professional. It demands a little bit of patience, time, tidiness and some preparation. Before moving into actually painting the walls, start visualizing what you want. Test out some colors before committing. Have a clear mind and a plan to take you forward through every step. Link here http://www.repairplus.ae/ for more information about maintenance company.Planning

All the prep work that has to be done before moving towards the painting process can be taken care of within one to two days. Start off by moving any kind of furniture that is in your way. If moving them is too difficult, cover them up with cloth to protect them from splattering any paint. Make all the paint tools and buckets easily accessible in a particular area and start painting from the top down.

Damage control

Re-painting a damaged wall thinking that it will cover up all the damages will not work. Use drywall compound to take care of any small dents and scratches while using plaster to cover up the larger cracks. Once all the patches are covered up leave to dry and then smoothen them out by using sand paper. During this part of the process, you may feel the need to resort to handyman services Dubai, but with a little bit of gumption you can make it work.

Prep work

Make sure you tape up all the things that you don’t want to get any paint on. Tape all the door frames, window panes and baseboards. Put those tools into action and take out all the power outlets, hanging picture frames, and any sort of wall fixtures. Select the colour for your room and buy all the tools required, such as the buckets and the brushes or rollers. No, you do not require any handyman services for this, just ask your paint dealer and he will help you out.

A brush or a roller

Start by using a roller on the larger areas to cover up the walls with paint quickly while making sure to wear eye-wear and a hat to protect yourself from any splatters. Now use the brushes on the tight corners so that you have more control over where you get the paint, not allowing the paint to rub on anything other than the taped edges.

Now start the cleaning process. Brushes as opposed to paint rollers are rather expensive and should not be disposed. Soak the bristles of the brush in some paint solvent or water and rinse the paint right off. Wait for the paint on the walls to dry up, take off the cloth on the furniture, fix up the wall fixtures and you are good to go.