Career Paths That Keep You Young At Heart

Children are the reason why adults are not more cynical. The big, bad world out there seems to fade away in the face of an angelic child. Even the not- so- angelic child always has that moment of innocence that makes them so lovable. Their boundless energy, endless curiosity and limitless capacity for imaginative thought make them a joy to be around. They also keep us young by reminding us of our own childhoods. So what better way to feel young, and stay young at heart than by choosing a career in close proximity to the little bundles of joy?

Back to School

This is the most obvious one, with a wide range of choice regarding the age group you prefer. As a teacher you can decide whether you want to be around the constant bouncing of the 5-6 year olds in nursery school, the adoring tots in primary school, the rebellious teens of middle school or the young adults in high school. Either way, you will nurture them and help them grow as you re- live your childhood through your students. If teaching is not your calling but you still want to be part of the system, other jobs like school administrators, tutors and instructors will keep you close to the school gates.

Children’s Medicine

The health care industry has a lot of room for child- care professionals. You can be a pediatric orthopedic Dubai at a general or children hospital, a school nurse, a midwife, a child psychologist or any of the numerous options that involve providing health care for children.

Working in a children hospital Dubai as opposed to a general hospital is more beneficial in terms of exposure and atmosphere. As any paediatrician will tell you, a children’s hospital will have an atmosphere of positivity and possibility that is absent in a general hospital precisely because it is geared towards children. Working in such an environment, you will not be able to resist the magic of being children again.

Caregiving and Caretaking

This is similar to teaching but is a lot less structured, so it’s the perfect fit for the individual who loves children but hates passing exams to get a teaching diploma. As a child caregiver, you can work in a nursery as a teaching assistant, at a day care centre as one of the caretakers or be self- employed as a baby sitter. While most places don’t require formal qualifications, some conscientious parents might demand a certificate, so it’s always a good idea to have basic health and emergency care training. This field will also allow you more flexibility in working hours because you can choose to work on an hourly basis.