How To Shop At A Flea Market?

Flea markets are a world unto themselves. They have the most bizarre things for sale and some are stunning collector’s items you will not find anywhere else. Although they are said to be less in price compared to the traditional shops, especially for the antiques this may not be the case, so when purchasing from a flea market, make sure to bargain a little. Here are a few tips which will help you on your next visit to the nearest flea market.
Go Early.
Flea market veterans say the day at a flea market starts much earlier than when the crowds stream in. Some vendors even purchase from fellow vendors items they deem can be purchased at a higher price later on during the day. Especially at the parking lot or just when the vendors are unloading their stuff is when you should be there to grab that masterpiece before anyone else sees it. However, there is always the exception that everyone might have missed it or the vendor forgot to leave it out in the morning and thus it survived till lunch. However, if you are serious about flea markets and especially antique items such as tobacco cutters, which are rare to find, make sure to get there before the others.
Gear up
If you are interested in acquiring real antique pieces off a flea market, try to carry a flashlight to find the small print and details of a piece on display. Look for signs of aging, dates, signatures and even a magnet if you are shopping for jewelry to ensure it is real silver and not steel or iron, which tends to hang on to the magnet when compared to silver. Very few now walk out of the house without a smart phone, and it definitely comes in handy at a flea market where you might want to do some research on the spot or check for prices on the web. Taking a note pad would also help.
Watch out for Reproductions
Reproductions are being made in the thousands and they are very well done. Look for authentic signs of wear and tear such as rust off nails in the wood, crackle lines in pottery glazing, dull spots on glass bottoms or rims before purchasing. This is where the flashlight comes in handy to look for the finer details. Link here for more information about cigarette maker machine.
At the end of the day however valuable the piece may be, if it is authentic or a reproduction, it does not matter if your heart is set on it. So don’t think too much, browse through all the shops because you never know what you might find hidden in some corner, and if you love it, buy it!