Why Getting Your Own Yacht Is Better Than A Cruise Ship

Humans love traveling in general, be it by air, over land or by sea. Humans have always been very fascinated with traveling. There used to be a time in this world that most people used to travel by boat when wanting to travel in luxury. The story of the ill-fated Titanic is one of the best examples for this. Now although people don’t exactly travel that much by boat they tend to love going on cruise ships. There are so many operational cruise ships traversing the high seas on a daily basis. But cruise ships are large and have a lot of people in it. There are some people who would rather prefer a more relaxed exclusive cruise. One where there are only a few people on board.

As an answer to this there is the option of a charter yacht. There are many reasons as to why this is a much better option as opposed to a cruise ship. Through the course of this article I will take you through some of them. Keep in mind though that all of the advantages that come with this option will come at a cost as it is not cheap to exactly rent a yacht. You would have to be willing to spend some money if you want to get these advantages. For starters as I mentioned earlier cruise ships tends to get pretty crowded. Some are said to have up to 3000 passengers at a time sometimes. You are not going to be having much privacy in this kind of situation and there is always going to be people around and most of them people you don’t know. If you got your own boat it would either be just your family or it would close friends, people you like hanging out with.

Moving on, when it comes to a charter yacht Dubai you must also bear in mind you have the ability to plan out and do whatever you want. In cruise ships there are usually set itineraries is that you cannot exactly deviate from, be it what you do while on the boat or where you will be going to shore or what you would be doing once you get to shore.

On the other hand if you got your own boat you can plan and do or go wherever you want. All the control is in your hands, you will dictate everything. Of course if you go with friends you would have to listen to them as well but you would still be making a collective decision on your own. The food would also be better if you have your own boat as you would get a dedicated chef to make tailor made food just for you. In a cruise ship it’s probably going to be a buffet served in large hall. It would be pretty tough to have a nice quiet dinner while looking out at the sea. All in all getting your own ship is always better.